Thing a Day- Day 1

by margarita on March 10, 2009

There’s this website called that has a rather grand idea to get the creative juices flowing.  Make a thing a day for the month of February and post it to your blog (on their blog.)  I’m too late to sign up and I know though I could likely make a thing a day, I wouldn’t have the patience to photograph and blog it everyday, so I’m just going to give it a whirl on my own blog where I can (gasp!) change the dates* to reflect when I did the piece. Obviously these will not be master works of art, but sketches, ideas, beginnings…

Day one- February 1st-Groundhog’s Eve
Copper Etching with Renee and Tracey

etched moon 1″ diam

snowflake 3″ Diam.
And the one I liked best:

etched landscape 2″X2″

Eventually these will ideally be enameled and set.  The moon will likely be part of a larger piece. 

*Apparently I can only do that on my other blog… I have yet to figure out this whole wordpress thing.  I can’t get my blog to forward, I don’t know how to change the date, I can never remember my insane-o password at log-in.  Sorry that you’re often ignored WP blog, but I find you difficult! 




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Teri Baskett March 12, 2009 at 9:40 pm

Margarita, I really love the 3rd one, the etched landscape. I’d love to learn to enamel, so can’t wait to see that after you complete it…..great work, I’m sure all 3 of these will be equally gorgeous! Teri

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