Why is platinum made with different alloys?

by platinum on October 17, 2008

Q: Why is platinum made with different alloys like iridium or ruthenium? Is there a desired combination of alloys for fine jewelry?

A: Platinum in its pure state is very soft and cannot be used for jewelry. In order to give it hardness, platinum is alloyed. To determine which alloy to use, first look at the manufacturing method.

The best choice for universal needs, such as casting, fabricating, die striking, etc. is Pt950/Ruthenium. This hard, malleable and ductile alloy is the alloy of choice for many high end manufacturers.
For hand fabrication, Pt950/Iridium is a good choice, as the metal is work-hardened by hammering and rolling it. 
For casting, Pt900/Iridium is a good choice, as Pt950/Iridium may be too soft and the piece of jewelry will scratch, bend and dent easily




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