by Regina Medina on August 13, 2011

cooperative craftswoman mexicana

Regina Medina

My name is Regina Medina and  i am the daughter of my parents
and grandparents who created and produced handcrafted jewelry
in the home workshops in this village in the mountains of  Guerrero.

abalone clip bracelet

abalone shell inlay clip bracelet

handcrafted shell mosaic jewelry

abalone and nacre shell clip bracelet

These are two of the pieces of jewelry my father made. My grandfather was a tinsmith.  He made elaborate masks and mirrors the tin sheet he cut out with his big scissors, soldering these pieces together using nails and a charcoal burner. These masks are very similar to the ones my grandfather made.

mexico handcraft ornamental tin work

tin mask

Today my generation has continued the tradition of handcrafts in our village having formed in the year 2000 a cooperative of rural craftswomen and i am myself  a member of this society for more than ten years.

artesanas campesina rural craftswoman


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