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I would like to introduce you to our company called Cicada Jewelry Design, Inc. Located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. Its a family operated business with three generations teamed together.

Vartan, came to the United States in the late 1970′s and teamed up with a friend of his that was in the jewelry industry. Both with previous background experience in the field from Lebanon, Vartan decided he was a ‘hands on’ kind of guy and fell in love with aspects of working with you hands and creating such beauty that is the art of gem cutting and inlay lapidary. He self taught himself, spending countless hours of practicing in the late nights until he perfected this rare trade. He was determined to be one of the best in the business.

His father came from Lebanon in the early 1980′s to call California his home. He needed work to keep himself busy so Vartan taught his father the art of Inlay Lapidary. Vartan’s father, also a ‘hands on’ kind of guy, he too, fell in love with this trade. By the mid 1980′s Vartan was known as the ‘go to’ guy in Los Angeles when it came to gem cutting and inlay lapidary work. His business boomed in the 90′s and he had about 15 employees working under him servicing customers that were local to creating designer style lapidary lines for big companies in New York.

Fast forward to today, His son, Sako, also fell in love with the trade at an early age. If you ever speak to Sako in person, you’d probably here him say that he never had a summer vacation when he was a kid. Sako would spend his time at his fathers work place, slowly soaking up years of knowledge and experience from his father and grandfather.

Three generations under the same roof, providing years of experience says something. We’re doing something right…

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