Let’s Hope the October Madness is Over

by annalee on October 29, 2008

Curly and Cute SassyDLite banner ad

When we moved in September I didn’t think life could get busier, but it did and I’ve been woefully negligent about maintaining my blogs. The other night it occured to me that instead of emailing a request for info on gems, I could just post the information on a blog and kill two birds with one stone. So I published a new feature on http://gahooletreedesigns.blogspot.com/ dealing with studio overstock of emeralds that I currently have available for purchase. Sales of gemstone beads and supplies at Gahooletree Supplies has been very strong.

Here at SassyDLite, I am very pleased to finally be back at work. It’s been a long haul as I’m slowly getting over my respiratory infections (with the help of Ester C, echinacea, quercetin and goldenseal – oh and plenty of rest). During October I got crazy busy creating free bonuses to stimulate sales at SassyDLite. This tactic has made a positive impact on sales.

Yesterday, I created the above banner ad for use over at Lov.li where my activity and dedication has been noticably absent. My shop on Lov.li is http://gahooletree.lov.li/ and if you are a Lov.li member, please make me (gahooletree) a friend there okay? 🙂 I’ll do the same for you!

The Cute ‘n Curly SassyDLite banner ad above is 500 x 500 pixels so it uploads quickly and I’ll use it as a secondary picture image to alert shoppers to visit one of my ‘real’ online shops. I’ll make you one of these graphics for $5.50. Just send the pic files that you want included.

Here’s the new etsy store banner for http://sassydlite.etsy.com/:

Colorful Store Banner for SassyDLite on etsy

Someone remarked that this new graphic gives the store a bright fresh facelift. I hope so! And I will try to make time to create more appropriate store banners for my other online shops. Contact me if you are interested in my graphics design services.

’till next time,
~Anna Lee




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