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I was a computer whiz kid of the seventies. A car accident and Traumatic Brain Injury in Dec 1999 changed everything. The only complete skill knowledge left to me was my college education. Fine Art (sculpture) and Archaeology(Paleontology).

The neurologists said that if I did not regain technical memory in 2 years that I would not likely regain it. Jan 1st , 2001 I picked up paper and pencil (I still had blurred & doubled vision) and began drawing.

My style has always been best described as gestorial. Aggressive , fast, and emotional. Animals are my best subjects.

Health only allows me to sculpt in miniature at this time so I began carving cameos.

I take raw Sea Shell and rough Gemstone Materials and carve them into cameos. When it states ‘hand-carved’ It means I use hand gravers to set into the cameo every line every contour.

The school in Italy (Torre del Greco) helped me via students e- mails(ty guys!). I am not a master carver…yet. I may never be a master carver, but I will keep learning and carving. The school thinks I show potential. Not bad for self taught using 2 antique tools and a prayer.

I went to silversmithing classes and jewelry repair classes. I am a certified jewelry repair technician which means that I am learning bench work and repairs. I fell in love with working silver and other metals all over again!

Rules never give up! There are always options! Treat Every Stranger as a Friend!

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