Beautiful Blue and Lovely Lapis Lazuli Afghani Lapis Gemstone Cabochon

April 10, 2008

The vibrant blue color of lapis lazuli (or lapis) is a strikingly beautiful. Often having gold veins running through it, or a sparkly finish, lapis is a rock that has been admired and cherished for thousands of years. Lapis Lazuli Information * Water may remove the protective coating that is on lapis and therefore should […]

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Gemstone Rough, Slabs, Grading, Fractures, and the Trials and Tribulations to the Final Cabochon

April 8, 2008

Purchasing quality gemstone in rough form can turn out to be a very disappointing experience. The results of my personal purchasing experiences had led me to believe that I might in fact be missing something that may all along have been common place in other lapidary shops. Other Cabbers must have a section of their […]

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How to make glass cabochons

April 2, 2008

Link to forum discussion All of the cabochons that this person makes are glass and they come from two main processes. The first process she usees for cabochons is lampwork (or torch work). These are made in a very similar process to the beads that I also create and sell. Flameworked cabochons allow for very […]

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