Special Cut Gemstone / Lapidary Requests

I do offer special requests. If you are a designer of custom gemstone jewelry and would like to select both shape and type of mineral for your design, then I am happy to help.

Most lapidary shops believe that they can charge extra for special gemstone designs, I do not. Short of a high end mineral, the cost for requesting a special design is no more than any other shape stone in my inventory.

I do not charge high shop fees. So if you enjoy designing jewelry with interesting shaped stones then rest assured, you will be very pleased when you request details and prices involved.

You will want to read a little more about the advantages of building a working relationship with our shop

You can finally design those interesting and unique pieces of jewelry.

Most special requests can be completed well within a weeks time.

Link to a few of the minerals available for special requests

Use the Contact Form to request information. You will be pleasantly surprised.



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