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by teresamasters on October 27, 2009

Vertigo, follow up. Finished week 4, vertigo free and was in Physical Therapy when rolling the head to the right brought on a fierce episode, and son Gregg was called to come get me, deja vu.

Back to square one, and repeat Epley Maneuvers, left side was fine, next week, right side was fierce, and the doctor told Gregg and I that it was the most severe he had seen. Well next visit, I was rather apprehensive, but no repeat of vertigo. I am now in the second round of vertigo free weeks and have passed week 4. PT is back up to full activity, Balance still sucks, I walk as if I were on a binge. I could never do the one foot in front of the other, having a hard time balancing on one or the other leg, some of that on a pillow, others on a trampoline. Balance will return, but landing on the cement stairs at the train depot was on my butt was both painful, and embarrassing.

Alternative Materials,

That commentary was rather well received, and hopefully, more minds will open. We are planning at Whaley Studios some Workshops focusing on, and incorporating some of these, and have invited Guest Instructors such as Andy Cooperman, among others to present a Workshop in San Diego at Whaley Studios.

Rolling Mills

There was a question on another Forum with reference to a Drawing Bench to draw down wire. A “discussion” ensued, and although I should have known better, the word “silly” was used for those who rolled their own wire, calling the Rolling Mill a toy. I suggested the silly word was demeaning to those of us who enjoy using a rolling Mill and making our own stock. The moderator came back at me both barrels firing and said he should not have used the word silly, but used “Stupid” instead. That is a sty I will not reenter.

We have three rolling mills available at Whaley Studios, and last week, during a private class of 4, all three were in use. I cannot imagine being without access to one.

Last week I had a call from a long standing jewelry store owner in Upstate New York. He was calling to thank Jay for a rolling mill video clip Jay had done for Daniel Ballard and Kraftwerx. I knew Jay had gone there, but had not seen this video. I viewed it, and asked Daniel’s permission to upload the link, and was given the OK.

Jay asks that this caveat accompany the video. “this is using a Power Rolling Mill. I do not recommend a powered mill for general use, I consider it overkill, and a bit risky.”i

This is the link, the video is in two parts, both on the same page.<>

Gemstones and Jewelry Photography.

Jay whaley’s BlogTalkRadio Guest this week is Master Faceter, and Jewelry Photographer, Wayne Emery. Wayne will be speaking with Jay on both topics, including gemstone treatments, fillers and color enhancements. They will welcome questions either called in, or via the chat room, on all topics. Wayne has a very informative photography web site at <>. This will be Thursday October 29th, 3 to 4 PM Pacific time. Come join us at < While there check out the archives for talks with Dana Singer, Michael David Sturlin, Andrea Hill, Noel Yovovich, Daniel Ballard, Megan Corwin, Maureen Brusa Zappellinni, Mona Hair, United Precious Metals, Bill Roberts, and many more. Coming up, Andy Cooperman, Pat Pruitt. Stay tuned for more.

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JoAnn Dean October 28, 2009 at 9:48 pm

Hi Teresa,
Re: vertigo, recently I saw a very interesting story on new treatments for vertigo – you might be interested in reading it or google the “dizzy chair”. If you haven’t heard about this you can get to the info this way also: – click on ‘more topics’ under ‘eyewitness news’ over on the left side. Then click on ‘healthy living’, then on #16 – ‘new treatments to help combat vertigo’. Vertigo is the worst and I hope you are feeling better. JoAnn Dean, Solvang, CA

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