Where Is Terrie?

So, where am I these days?

Now free to pursue my own dreams and realities, I have been busy. Yes, I am becoming a “grandma entrepreneur”, how’s that for my demographic? Who says all this internet stuff is for the younger generations?

I took a head clearing, weather challenging drive, (both ways) from my Oceanside home to Phoenix, Arizona. Rain, wind, snow, sleet, fog, al lconditions present driving across I-8 through the mountains. I actually saw Snow Plows, two of them, one facing in each directions ready to clear that winding two lane road. Had not seen a snow plow since I last skied.

I had received an invitation to visit the “Celebration of Fine Arts” in Scottsdale, from my friends and hosts, Ray and Ann Turpin Thayer. It was an incredible show with Artists from across the USA. I truly enjoyed all I saw, and yes was once again deeply impressed by the creativity and skills of my fellows. I believe the path for artists will become more clearly defined by the efforts of cohesiveness from within. My personal plans are to be part of the conversation that shapes, and nourishes these ideas and connections.

Consider this an invitation to join the conversation, and participate in this venture forward, and yes, I do mean actively. We already have photos and videos running, thanks to wonderful friends. Share yours as well.

Meet metalsmith.co, aka as ‘metalsmith(dot)co’, this is an open community which hopefully will grow and incorporate more features as they are finalized and brought to fruition. First step is to invite you to join,
identify yourself, post photos and videos, and start a ‘forum’ encompassing your particular area of interest. We already demonstrated the value of this community elsewhere, and intend to grow the interest with your help. My new email address is, terrie@metalsmith.co.

Our weekly Metalsmith BenchTalk broadcast will be continued shortly at http://blogtalkradio.com/metalsmithTV, in fact, I am the subject of our resumed broadcast  beginning this Wednesday afternoon at 1:00 PM PDT. Going forward, I am trying to determine a compatible time and day for most in the community of active listeners, however, all broadcasts will archive for download, or
replay purposes. Guests are being scheduled, and if you have a request, please let me know, including perhaps you.

Now, back to work.
Many thanks to Hanuman, and Ton for all they do for this wonderful Orchid community.



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