Orchid’s Own Kathy Palochak Guests with Jay whaley

September 15, 2009

On the Thursday, September 17th, 2009 broadcast, we’re continuing our journey into the art of metalsmithing, and jewelry making. My guest is Katherine Palochak, see: http://www.metalsandgems.com/ for more information. Katherine Palochak learned silversmithing from Native Americans while living in New Mexico. She combines these techniques with contemporary techniques and designs. Her work consists primarily of […]

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Metal Elitism, or……

September 11, 2009

As a long time Orchid member, and a senior citizen, I am very well aware of attitudes revolving around anything but Noble Metals, and Fabrication. Most recently I was involved when the thread was non-traditional casting. Long before I became a person making jewelry, I was a person buying jewelry. I was taught by my […]

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Rescued! Yeah

September 8, 2009

Today, Tuesday I found a phone message from Jay Whaley advising me he was going to be out of town, and asking me to conduct the interview on BlogTalkRadio this Thursday. Oops, panic time. The wonderfully creative and fine Goldsmith Maureen Brusa Zappellini <http://www.userblogs.ganoksin.com/exhibition/main.php?g2_view=slideshow.Slideshow&g2_itemId=2035> was to be interviewed by Jay. Hmmm, what to do? Made […]

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Robyn Hawk

September 7, 2009

I just had a phone chat with Robyn, who unexpectedly had emergency gall bladder surgery yesterday. She is out of the hospital and at her mother’s home resting reasonably comfortably. There is no Internet access there, so she will be off line for a few days. Many of you know Robyn as “Fly on the […]

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Vertigo, follow up

September 4, 2009

Today was a day I was fearing. It was another visit with Dr. Erik Viirre, the neurologist treating my vertigo. My first visit went very well, I had induced dizziness and vertigo during the treatment, and was very unstable for some time after. Maybe 3 or so hours later, all of a sudden, I felt […]

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Lasers, with Steve Satow and Jay Whaley

September 1, 2009

We have been trying to introduce pertinent topics to our weekly BlogTalkRadio broadcasts. They are all archived and freely available to be listened to. This Thursday our guest is Steve Satow. Metalsmith Benchtalk with Jay Whaley @whaleystudios Date / Time: 9/03/2009 3:00 PM PDT Category: Art Call-in Number: (646) 716-5718 On today’s program, we’re doing […]

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Nancy Megan Corwin

August 26, 2009

I am rather excited about this upcoming broadcast. After reading Megan’s web site and sharing it with Jay Whaley, we have decided to invite Megan to give a Chasing and Repousse Workshop this coming quarter at Whaley Studios, YES! Hugs, Terrie Metalsmith Benchtalk wth Jay Whaley @whaleystudios Date / Time: 8/27/2009 3:00 PM Category: Art […]

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August 21, 2009

I know many have vertigo, and it manifests in many ways. Lately, I have had to deal with it in its extreme. I was rear ended July 13, and my head rolled in every which way. I have been under medical care since July 14th, MD, PT, Acupuncture, and Neurologist. The dizziness and nausea persisted. […]

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Too Early To Think

August 6, 2009

Oh my goodness, too much to absorb before a cup of coffee. How diabolic auto passwords are, and how unforgiving a minor input. Grrrr. Off to have my stressed brain cognitively tested, yes for real. They should see this exercise I just labored through. I was promised that it would be easy. I am such […]

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