Mix and Match Jewelry Pieces

by teribaskett on March 24, 2009

I’ve also started to see an increase in layering and wearing complementary but non-matching pieces.  Bangle bracelets are back, and these are a prime example.  I suppose you could mix and match bangles until you can fit any more on your wrist or can’t raise your arm over your head!  These are another way of making a big splash with small pieces of jewelry that are often less expensive.

I also think a younger generation (well, younger than me, anyway) threw out some of those old rules we had lived by and began wearing different pieces of jewelry together.  Two, even 3 necklaces might be worn all at once.  They would (heaven forbid) wear gold and silver together!  White appeared after Labor Day in the fall and was seen way before Memorial Day in the spring (do you remember that rule?  My mother followed that to the letter, with 1 exception for Easter Sunday). I even saw a necklace wrapped around a wrist as a bracelet; yes, it looked very nice!

Earth’s PearlsPearls aren’t only for special, dress up occasions either, and they began showing up in dyed colors, not merely creamy whites and pastels.  They looked for ways to break the mold I guess and made many new jewelry looks.  Scarf rings became pendants, as did brooches. These were also more likely to be pinned or attached to a headband or barrette. One earring might also be a pendant, if it’s mate had been lost.




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