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Hello everyone!  I am the “T” in S & T Creations, a small home-based jewelry design business located in Jeffersonville, Indiana.  We mainly string, using semi precious gemstones, crystals and lampwork glass.  However, I follow ganoksin due to my desire to move into component creations, and am exploring wire working, metal clay and (my fav so far) silversmithing!  So, I hope that as I grow in these areas, I will be able to contribute articles about my experiences (the good and the bad, I have an old post on my other blog where I call myself the “Bezel Burner“).




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jeremie January 22, 2011 at 6:17 am

Hi Teri,
i came across your blog after you followed me on issuu, too many social networks i am getting lost into it hehe. But I like your blog and wanted to let you know that this month we have launched bluelapinoo, which is a website for custom jewelry. We can make acrylic jewelry from anyones drawing using laser cutting technology. We are a very recent startup and I was wondering if you had ideas or suggestions on how we could improve our service and if you knew who will be the most interested in such service. Thanks a lot cheers -Jeremie

Beth Stone November 25, 2009 at 8:58 pm

Hi Teri,

You made me cry. I cannot thank you enough for the amazing review of my new book. I love to bead and want nothing more than to share what I know. It makes me smile from ear to ear that you feel me “sitting next to you.” When I first started on this bead book adventure I told my first editor, Lesley, that it was vital for my personality come through. When I wrote articles for Bead and Button and BeadStyle, the editors edited my words to fit a template of sorts. That is not what I wanted for the books and they let me do my thing. The editor for my second book was actually my BeadStyle editor so we knew each other well and she knew how important if was for “my voice” to lead the way. She agreed with me so much that they gave me my own font and font color for my voice and interjections. I think it is so funny and so important for the tone of the book.
I am so glad you like it all. I have to admit that I was a bit nervous about your review (I knew it was coming) and was thrilled to read all of your kind words. Would it be okay if I copied all or part of it onto my website?
Thank you again for your support.

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