A romantic point of view

The love of beauty is called taste…the creation of beauty is called art…

A piece of jewellery is usually something more than just a decorative object.
Some belong to familys for generations,
passed down by mother to daughter ,from father to son
Others are full of memories for the owner..for a moment,for an era..

Creating jewelry, from the simplest project to the most sophisticated, by the hands of a novice
to hands of a professional, from the cheapest to a priceless one, is a donation of soul..
It is impossible to describe the satisfaction felt when you see complete a jewel made by your hands of
a piece of amorphous metal, the feeling of giving life to something…The only thing beyond this feeling is the reaction of a satisfied customer.
The first glance, the surprise, the joy transforming his face.
Such moments push you to overcome yourself…




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