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I have moved my workshop videos to our BenchTube gallery, I hope you enjoy watching.

Custom Garnet replacement
Emerald restoration video
Inlaying Black Onyx and M.O.P. in a pendant
Inlaying Lapis Lazuli in a ring

I do have a couple of videos that are entertainment oriented more than workshop

The first is my friend Frank who is rapidly becoming a renowned local Haida engraver;

This one is a slideshow of some stones that have been through my workshop.
Lovers of cello music should turn the volume off;

This is Patrick’s new ring that I inlaid with opal. No procedure, just the result.
same warning re. soundtrack;




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hanuman December 8, 2008 at 5:39 pm

Hey Tony

Great videos. How about uploading it to our benchtube at ?

The benchtube is Ganoksin answer to youtube for jewelers ;-0

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