Homage to our teachers

by valentinyotkov on December 23, 2008

Shortly before Christmas, the members of the National Silversmiths Guild in Bulgaria celebrate The Day of the Master. They pay respect to their teachers and express appreciation for their sharing of knowledge and experience. It is a heartfelt and beautiful way to say thank you.

At this most wonderful time of the year, lets remember our teachers, the people who gave us everything and taught us how to earn the bread on our table. Here is the Homage to my teacher Alexander Raiev which I wrote after he passed away in May of 1990. He will forever live in my heart and in the hearts of those who knew him.



Forgive me for not being at your bedside when you left this world. We didn’t finish our last conversation, and there was so much left to talk about, as always.

Did I ever thank you enough for what you taught me, for the difference you made in my life? Did I tell you that you were one of the greatest men I’ve ever known, and I loved you as much as I loved my own father?

I was so fortunate to inherit a portion of your wealth of knowledge and experience. You taught me not only how to work the metal, you taught me how to respect, and earn the respect of other people, how to make friends, and help others feel valuable and important. Our relationship was so precious, almost sacred –a relationship that can only develop between the Master and an apprentice.

I wish we could have our last conversation. I wish I could tell you:

Master, I treasure every moment of the time we’ve spent together.


Photos of Master Silversmith Alexander Raiev





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