Ornamental Engraving Samples

by valerieaheck on May 11, 2012

I promised to share some of my engravings from class, I left my notes at school today (the New Approach School for Jewelers) but luckily I have my notes that were taken for me when I missed this ornamental hand engraving class several years ago. The best way for me to photograph the engravings is to take a smoke pull. We are engraving on flat sheet metal, you take the metal and hold it over a candle and get the engraved section covered in soot. Then you take tape, and tape over the engraving and stick it to white paper. The white is where metal was engraved and removed. In a way this is like the negative of a picture. All of these engravings were done by the teacher Jason Marchiafava as examples for our class to learn from.


Here is our crazy fancy and romantic candle setup in the studio for doing the smoke pulls. Don’t you love the use of the engraving ball? Most expensive candle holder ever!
I just love this flower and how the swirls come out of it.
Feel free to ask questions, I’m not going to tell you much on how to do this and it wouldn’t help you learn it anyway. You really need to take this class and be there in person. Jason is a wonderful instructor and I can’t recommend The New Approach School enough.



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