About New Agates found during last years in Argentina

There are three Regions where we found some new agates in Argentina:

“Mesopotamia” Region , in “Entre Rios” Province: these agates were found alongside “Uruguay” River , Argentina and Uruguay Natural Border.Lots of agates here , low quality , although there are some very special and unexpected specimens we can name as oditties.

“Cuyo” Region , “Mendoza Province , near “San Rafael” City , where the “Condor” type agates are found.

Patagonia Region , in the South of Argentina where we found at least five different sources ; these agates were first exhibited at Münich Fair during the event  “Agates From Around the World” .

In the USA , they were exhibited in a larger quantity during Tucson Mineral & Fossil Show in year 2007. Until then , they were not known by American agate collectors. Fortunately , they were highly appreciated ; their parallax effect , bandings, colors  and their condition of “completely ” new specimens started slowly but firmly enchanting those who were and were not agate collectors equally.

We are very happy and thankful to have the opportunity to show them here ; we hope you enjoy our pictures !!

Best Wishes from far away Argentina

Ricardo & Claudia Birnie





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