Agates From Argentina

Hi Friends:

Very happy to be here to show you the new agates from Argentina.

Probably , you already know the Commercially known “Condor” agates from “Mendoza” Province , “San Rafael” City.

But there are more agates in Argentina . Five years ago , we started travelling to the Patagonia Region , which is about 2.000 + kilometers from our home in Buenos Aires City. Those trips allowed us to find new agate sources and Patagonia became our favourite collecting source. No roads there , no cell phones work there ,  loneliness and wind are the usual company down there in the South of Argentina.

Now , we have to learn how to post pictures of landscapes , and agates.

Best wishes from far away Argentina




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coralnut October 19, 2008 at 5:15 pm

Sounds exciting! Looking forward to seeing some of you new agate finds!!! Cheers, Don

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