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by timspauwen on April 21, 2010

The bookwormThe web is by far the biggest library on earth, the problem is though, that all the books are thrown onto one big pile in the main hall. In order to spike new research being performed and to serve those who are digging into our past we’ve have started an online research library. Here you find copyright free books organized by categories to help you find the information you are looking for. Today, the 21st of April, there is over 150 books on jewelry history, gemology, hallmarks etc. and that number is growing daily. You can help building the library by pointing us to relevant books that are in the public domain.

One other thing you can help us with is adding good images you encounter while browsing the books to our image gallery. Simply copy the image, crop it in your own image editing program and upload it to the wiki. This way a huge repository of copyright free images will be available to us all.

We wish you an informative read!

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