Hydraulic Press Tips

by bethwicker on January 30, 2014

Just a short post, with three tips when using a hydraulic press for metal forming.

1.  At the end of each day release the pressure, and drop the platen back to the lowest position, then close the valve.

2.  A piece of plexi is great as a “topper” when using pancake dies.  It is larger than the built in platens, and helps hold larger extending bits of metal in place.

Plexi "topper"

3.  I kept having trouble with the handle to my press falling off onto the floor, when it was laying on the press table not in use.  Either I would bang into it, or bang into the table, and CRASH BANG down it would go.  Finally got smart, and went to the store and got those hammer in felt pads meant to go on the bottom of furniture.  Perfect!

IMG_6459  See the two white felt pads… they sit up about 1/2″, just enough to hold the handle and keep it from falling off, and not enough to get in the way of anything else.  Plus being felt they are softish…

Enjoy and form lots of metal!

Oh – the press is by Kevin Potter of Potter USA, and I HIGHLY recommend it!


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