Getting Ready for Shasta

by bevludlow on May 10, 2007

Well, took a full day, but I think my boxes are all labeled and sorted so that NEXT time everything will have a place. I keep hoping to hit on a system of packing for a show that will make tearing down easier. Heck, it’s only been 19 years….

This year we’ll be in the RV park, because the kids are having the roof torn off their house for a remodel, so it took a bit longer to pack than usual. Then of course, when I went to burning CD catalogs, I realized that my 2006 schedule was still on the old and there was no link to this blog. That meant that I had to make changes to the file, then burn. Next, after I thought all was packed and ready, I realized that I hadn’t packed up the new jewelry! Ok, that’s done. Then the final, “Oh my gosh!”

Hmmm, don’t have confirmation for this show in my files…. Don’t have the copy of the application for this show is my files…. Don’t have record of show fee payment for this show in my files. I never received an application…. I”M NOT IN THE SHOW!!!!

Luckily, I have the home phone number of one of the promoters, called her, and she FAXed me a form. She also put me in my same spot, and I’ll just take the money with me to the show. That was very close. In all my years crafting, this has never happened before. I now have a reminder sheet in my Palm Pilot, with all my shows listed and the date they usually send the applications.

Watch for the end of this…. This pendant was supposed to be a quick and simple wrap. I had this great Amber chunk and found there was a hole (filled with sand) in the center of the piece. So, I decided I would put a stone in there. Of course, then it needed a second stone in the other cavity to balance. When I got to the top, I didn’t have enough wire to finish a proper bail, so had to add wire. In order to do that I decided to do a woven bail for strength and design. This is where I am. I wonder what it will look like when I’m done. Hmmmm, put it aside until after the Shasta Show.

In 2 weeks we can pack up again and go to Lakeport, aren’t craft shows fun?




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downing May 10, 2007 at 11:15 am

Your jewlery is realy beatiful. Your homepage is fab. I’m so impressed. You think you might be getting a few too many things on your to do list? Hope you have fun @ Shasta.

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