Industrial Gold Plating

by Derek Hogue on February 21, 2013

Many items work best when coated in gold. It has nothing to do with the looks of the item or even its intrinsic value as an item of art. Gold is a highly conductive metal that, when utilized properly in a plating process, improves the functionality of components used in a number of industries.

An industrial gold plating company, such as Artistic Plating Company, commonly utilize one of two types of plating. Hard gold plating services are used to cover items where contact with other components and movement is expected. This harder form of gold plating is actually 99.7 percent pure and alloyed with other metals that contribute the hardness. A bolt and nut, for example, would receive a hard gold plate treatment to eliminate wear as the items are fastened together. This type of hard gold plating is known as Type I plating. Type II plating is even harder with a 99 percent gold alloy used.

Soft gold plating utilizes gold that is 99.9 percent pure. The soft nature of the gold would allow this plating to wear away if the plated items were subject to friction and contact with other items. However, the softer gold plating provides a better surface for electrical connections especially those utilizing a solder connection. This soft gold plating is known as Type III gold plating.

A number of factors can affect the appearance of the gold plating although industrial products are commonly only judged on functionality. In some cases, the under plating material affects the overall appearance of the finished product. The thickness of the under plating also affects the final thickness of the plating and can be a factor in the final dimensions of the plated product.

Gold plated industrial components are used in a number of mission critical components in industries as diverse as medicine, space and communications. It is also used for more mundane uses in heating, ventilation and air conditioning or HVAC systems, agriculture and plumbing fixtures. In many cases, the actual user of the product is unaware of the gold plated components in the device. The very thin layer of gold adds little to the cost and is commonly used to improve the functionality and durability of the components and the ultimate device.

Derek Hogue

Derek Hogue

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