How it all began

by waynemiller on February 5, 2009

Our Name, Gold Venture. We are a small Manufacturing shop,located in the heart of Gold Country,Grass Valley California. My name is Wayne Miller. I am 58 years young. I started playing with Gold in 1984.In my previous years I was a heavy equipment operator,digging in the dirt,moving mountains. In 1980 right after Mount Saint Helen’s blew up,I was making a new road on the side of a very steep mountain. I was on auto pilot having fun,but not paying attention to the terrain,before I knew what happened,I lost control of my bulldozer and fell off of the cliff. I rode it out for over 200 feet,when I finally quit rolling ( 5 times),I woke up trapped underneath my equipment. I knew I was in trouble. I broke my back,right leg and all of my teeth were gone.That my friends, was the end of my construction career. Here comes workers compensation,they said they would retrain me.I could not believe my construction days were over,I was pretty depressed. My hobby was panning for Gold in our rivers,so I said send me to Jewelry school,my construction buddies that that was a joke,and so did I. During the course of the school,something happened I had a natural talent for casting soldering and stone setting,and I was real strong in fabrication WOW. I started my career with a Production shop,and quickly moved up the ladder to production manager  of 10 people. The first thing I did was set up a bench at my home. I knew that I wanted my own business and shop,so 7 years ago i decided it was time. I have built a shop on my property 300 feet from the main house.I maxed out every credit card that I could get my hands on. Was it worth it ? you bet, I now have one of the nicest manufacturing shops that I have seen. I employ 4 goldsmiths. We are a full serviceshop from wax,casting setting, custom designs, polishing, repairs,we do it all.In the upcoming blogs I am going to share all of my talents. I feel there should be no secrets in this field. I have a lot to share with my fellow Goldsmiths.In these economic times,we need to work together,and I am open for all input. I know this rattled on for awhile,but my site will be fun,I promise.    Wayne




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jenlane February 10, 2009 at 12:06 pm

sounds like we have a lot in common http://jenlane.userblogs.ganoksin.coms/about/
I am just still at the starting point any helpful hints???

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