Enameling Workshop

by Laela Cottone on September 16, 2010

Creative Metalworks School of Design


A Two-Day Masters Workshop


Erica Druin


November 20th & 21st, 2010 (Sat & Sun) 10 am -4 pm

At Creative Metalworks School of Design

There will also be a “Meet the Artist” reception for

Erica on Friday, November 19th from 4-8:00 pm

Experience the beauty of working with Vitreous Enamel. It is a high quality glass that has been ground into a powder form and colored with mineral and metallic oxides. The enamel is fused to a metal surface by firing it in a kiln at an average temperature of 1500F. In Erica’s work, she fuses the enamel to fine silver or 24k gold. Typically, a piece is fired as few as 6 or as many as 70 times, each firing with a new application of enamel. In this manner, the permanent richness and depth of color unique to the art of enameling is acquired. Erica then uses a technique known as Cloisonné in all her work. With this type of enameling, her designs are created by separating the glass colors into cells outlined by fine wires of 24k gold. Another technique which can be seen in her work is Basse-taille. In Basse-taille enameling, a pristine metal surface is manipulated to produce a textured field. The texture can be created by traditional engraving, engine turning (also known as Guilloche, as in Faberge eggs), stamping, hammering, repousse, chasing, or shallow etching. The metal is then covered with layers of translucent enamel. The textures underlying the enamel create deep reflections and color tone changes within the piece when viewed under varying light. Her completed enamels are then set into individually built settings of 18 and 24k gold.

Druin grew up in New Jersey surrounded by art. Her mother Marylyn Druin, was an internationally acclaimed designer of jewelry & art objects. After her mother’s passing in 2001, Druin began creating art of her own using the skills, techniques and inspiration of her mother.


This workshop is for students of all levels.

The cost for this workshop is $285 + $100 Lab Fee. For more information and a workshop materials list, please visit http://www.creativemetalworks.com/p369.html

Creative Metalworks 10501 Wheatley Street Kensington MD 20895.

The School of Design entrance is (downstairs) at 10453 Metropolitan Avenue.

To Register; Call Creative Metalworks at 301-933-1500

For additional information: www.creativemetalworks.com/p636.html

Or: www.creativemetalworks.com

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