by laurie jane kern on April 3, 2011

I am waiting for inspiration because some how the craziness of  February has resulted in me loosing my muse, if I ever had one.  Is there such a thing as smithing block? This would in lieu of writers block because I am not a writer but a smith.

I use to find myself "seeing" vessels and other ideas in my head while I was taking my walk at lunch; while driving home. Now I don't have these ideas popping into my head.   

On Fridays, I was planning what I would be working on over the weekend. This isn't happening either.

So, for the time being I am rearranging my studio (again) and completing the last 4 hammers that still need to be redressed. 

I worry if the spark has been lost....

I am also waiting to hear if I was accepted into a summer program.  I applied to the Haystack Mountain School of Craft. I have 12 days to go.  

I am hoping the news of getting accepted will get me excited again.

Has this happened to you? How did you break out of the rut?
laurie jane kern

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