Is That A Muse Peeking Out of My Closet?

by laurie jane kern on April 13, 2011

I think she is trying to come out... 

Over the weekend I was talking to my trainer (at the gym for weights) and we were admiring each others earrings.   I was wearing my cross-forged drops and she was wearing what was circle with graduated forged drops that could slide back on the circles. 

So this weekend, I am going down to Debs to make another pair of cross-forged drops for Caroline and a pair of her earrings for me.

Yes, I do have all the tools and equipment and material at home but a think some creative camaraderie might help get the muse to actually open the door to the closet and show herself - that and moving the tool box away from the door, might help. 

Oh, and hopefully I will know if I was accepted to the summer program in just a few days.
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