Save Time ~ Attach Bench Pin Brush

by Margie Mersky on August 18, 2011

I learned this trick years ago in a production shop and it saves me so much time and trouble.

  When we’re focused on carving a wax, setting stones, or other tasks at the bench, sometimes staying ‘in place’ with our hands is critical. In this photo you can see how I’ve attached the head of an inverted toothbrush under my bench pin. It’s a soft one with long+wide bristles. As you’re working on  your wax model it’s necessary to brush away residual wax dust. Simply swipe it across the brush a few times and you’re ready to keep carving. 

  Same with stone setting…. swipe away gold dust that accumulates as your drilling or cutting seats! Now you have both hands free to keep holding your piece in one hand and your tool or handpiece in the other without putting them down to pick up a cleaning brush.

Give it a try, you’ll get used to it quickly!

Margie Mersky
Margie Mersky uses her own Deep Detail carving wax to create beautiful and intricate master wax models for the jewelry industry. Deep Detail was created by Margie with Dave Kindt of Kindt-Collins and it is a Ferris wax product. This special wax is formulated to produce "high definition" in models, and as it is rightfully called "deep detail" because in any hand carved or CADCAM application there is no finer carving wax on the market.
Margie Mersky

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michaeljohnson December 2, 2011 at 11:59 pm

Cool tip!

F. Oya Borahan August 22, 2011 at 5:10 am

So simple but very usefull tip. Thank you.

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