Deep Detail Carving Wax

by Margie Mersky on December 5, 2011

High Definition CADCAM Wax Model 

 Are you having trouble seeing those small intricate cuts in your wax models? I can solve this problem for you immediately.     Try my high-definition wax as soon as you can!

Deep Detail by FerrisTM is a premium quality carving and sculpting wax formulated exclusively for the jewelry industry by Margie Mersky. It is the highest visibility carving wax on the market, and provides jewelry designers with crisp, clean lines, and provides the carver “Deep Detail” to the most intricate projects.

This wax is also easy to burn out with very low ash content and re-melts well, so it can be reused in some applications when your environment and containers are kept very clean. We are currently working on developing additional sizes and shapes for other applications!

Those who have bought Deep Detail high definition wax rave that it is “so smooth, like butter”. There is no better wax on the market today for CADCAM or for hand carving your wax models. I guarantee you’ll be as happy as my customers who left testimonials on my website!

Margie Mersky
Margie Mersky uses her own Deep Detail carving wax to create beautiful and intricate master wax models for the jewelry industry. Deep Detail was created by Margie with Dave Kindt of Kindt-Collins and it is a Ferris wax product. This special wax is formulated to produce "high definition" in models, and as it is rightfully called "deep detail" because in any hand carved or CADCAM application there is no finer carving wax on the market.
Margie Mersky

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