It is now 22 years that I have been involved in jewelry production. My first career was as a lab technician in brain physiology research. But upon moving to Italy I became strongly attracted to the arts and enrolled in the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. A fellow student had attended the Tokyo Academy of Jewelry and she offered to teach me the basic techniques of making jewelry. I was fascinated.

Later I attended Oklahoma State University for a semester to study Experimental Metal Working. Back in Italy I shared a lab with a local artisan and studied under a Roman gold smithing Maestro. Eventually I set up my own studio and did custom design jewelry for private clients.

Working in Italy has meant using high carat gold, precious stones and fairly traditional designs and techniques. Globalization (internet) has opened up my potential market and I am thoroughly enjoying making jewelry that continues the tradition of durable and functional jewelry while exploring new metal – stone combinations and working techniques.


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