My Poor Florida Truck

by lianabennett on November 26, 2007

in Colorado

My truck does not like this cold weather. I have to agree. It was born and raised in the tropics. It was modified to not overheat while pulling boats or sitting in traffic with the air conditioning going full blast. The 12 volt battery has given me the most trouble. The truck has had 3 new batteries since the weather turned cold, 2 months ago. And the heater, which has never seen use, does not put out heat. It seems I need a different thermostat, one for cold temperatures. And my coolant hoses are routed incorrectly for cold weather. My radiator is oversized, with no easy way to block the cold incoming air. But at least I have good tires. I still love my truck




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supermaine November 26, 2007

You said you love your tires.. Do you have super swamper tires for your truck?

The Epiphany Artist December 30, 2007

I think its time to get a NEW Truck!!!

palaboy™ March 14, 2008

Off road tires are the bigges problem with my truck… they usually dont last the way i expect them to last…

barb michelen April 1, 2008

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