by John Rasmussen on April 6, 2011

Over the past several days, I have made several necklaces from beads and gemstone chips that are in inventory. The first completed necklace was made for my daughter in law as her birthday is this month. April birthstone is diamond, since I could not make this with diamonds, I substituted rock crystal chips. The chain and clasp are Sterling Silver.

Next I took some Fire Opal chips and strung them on 7 strand Beadlon gold colored crinkle wire. These chips are exceptionally beautiful and have a wonderful play of color.

Lastly, some calsilica beads (enamelled clay fired beads) with a unique coloring were inspiring me to use bright blue artistic wire to make all components of this necklace in the shop. Working with metal, in this case wire, is terrific as I get to create my unique interpretation of the stones.

Going to make a bracelet in multimetals and use cold connections. This will make my first foray into cold connections for a major piece.

John Rasmussen
66 year old retired educator (geology and emergency medical care) and practicing paramedic. I came back to my passion, rocks and minerals, then making gemstones and jewelry with them.
John Rasmussen
John Rasmussen

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