Anticlastic Raising like you’ve never seen it!

by jerryscavezze on March 3, 2009

A friend of mine and fellow goldsmith Toni Tischer launched her new website today, Toni has found a way to to have ownership to her brand and style of anticlastic raising. She has worked with me for almost 20 years and has been developing a style of her own using anticlastic raising. Toni is doing things with the technique I have never seen done before. While I use multiple elements in my work, Toni does that and further enhances the piece by then adding dangling, moving, spinning gemstones, pearls and sometimes other metal forms within the jewelry pieces. She works in Argentium Sterling Silver, Mokume Gane and all karats of gold. She is one of a very few artists doing anticlastic raising in Sterling Silver. You really need to give this site a look. Her work is remarkable. She has found a way to make the technique her own. Many of the prominent craftsmen using this technique have developed a look of their own, including Michael Good, Britt Anderson, Tim Grannis, Debra Richardson, and myself (Jerry Scavezze). Toni is about to be added to that list. Lead, Follow or get out of the way. Toni is leading. Do yourself a favor, check it out!




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shelbyvision March 5, 2009 at 9:15 am

Beautiful work. Everything Teri said and more, if I could think of the words.

Teri Baskett March 3, 2009 at 9:46 pm

WOW! The finish alone on these pieces is amazing! What a fantastic use of swirls and curves. Her creations seems to flow as if they are liquid. Teri Baskett Twitter: Teri_B

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