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Anticlastic raising is very sculptural and 3-dimensional in nature. A lot of jewelry looks good from the front, but from the side or back is really not very interesting. The pieces I make are meant to be viewed from all directions as they do not have an obvious front or back.

I have always been fascinated by movement in jewelry and have experimented with parts that rotate, slide, spin, or otherwise move. I am excited about my current work because of the fluid movement it conveys, yet it is very simple and clean looking. The reflection of light off of the curved surfaces contributes to the feeling of motion as does the physical movement of the piece on the human body.

Our earrings, which are really abstract sculptures, are accented with diamonds and pearls to become treasured pieces to be handed down for generations. Our work is literally done with hammers the old fashioned way, and then meticulously polished. Ancient techniques are used to make contemporary art jewelry. Designs are worked and reworked until they are just right, because an earring can’t just be gorgeous, it has to fit right and be comfortable.


Jerry Scavezze is a metal smith with over 35 years experience and he has been a design force in the anticlastic world for 17 years. Toni Tischer is also an art jewelry designer and has been working with Jerry for the last 16years. We began in1989 with small line of earrings. We have since expanded that line and we now carry gold bracelets, handcrafted wedding bands, and pendants as well as our famous earrings.  Our jewelry is available in white gold, 14k and 18k yellow gold and Platinum.  We welcome custom orders such as handmade mens gold bracelets and of course almost all of our work is customizable from engagement rings & wedding bands to diamond and pearl earrings.

If you are a gallery or you sell Designer Jewelry, Scavezze/Goldsmith offers a tried and true line of wholesale gold bracelets, earrings, necklaces etc. Please contact us for details on our wholesale designer jewelry catalog.

14k Gold Diamond Anticlastic Earrings

14k Gold Diamond Anticlastic Earrings




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sabra hardy October 1, 2010 at 11:43 am

my name is Sabra Hardy 120 W. 91 St. NYC 917-213-0118 or 718-293-3291 or 646-678-3472. thanks for reading my e-mail
i’m only a novice discovering silversmithing. I am presently enrolled with a senior Goldsmith well known in NYC – Cecelia Bauer. I love my class.
i have my fantasy designs i dream of making — i keep of book of exactly what i would like to name my business & designs, I will do press kits – using photographs of my jewelry to create my logo & letterhead & business cards — my ultimate goal: to make silver / vermeil casting from (actual sewn – free standing LACE – designed from my artwork) forming matching rings, pendants, earrings & bracelets design in squares — FINALLY wrapping Anticlastic loops in ‘Mokume Gane’ through the “SILVER LACE”. sounds interesting huh? I also want to frame an “African Mask” a — halo of Russian and/or Cypriot Filigree swirls trapped in a circle in the background & hang it on a “Ceremonial Egyptian collar” made with faceted turquoise, onyx, baroque pearls similar to a “King TUT” collar. I would stay within the Mokume Gane, Vermeil, Fine Silver metals — which are great when you can’t afford 24K Gold. ADD to that woven silver in super brick or twisted cobra weaving design pieces to hang on the collar A REAL “REGAL” LOOK. so i do know exactly what i want. NOW TO LEARN HOW TO DO IT.
my present work is rudimentary i started working in precious metal clay. I’ve read the “Complete Silversmith” i am presently reading “Creative Stonesetting” As a civilian (senior police administrative aide) with the NYPD over 20 years (clerical title). I have to do what i have to do when i can.
When i say classes in NYC are expensive i kid you not. I don’t blame anyone the studio rents and/or overhead costs are astronomically ridiculous. It’s a miracle anyone still teaches privately in small classes in NYC. It’s costly and difficult to re-invent myself with a skill i can love doing something i love.

I have little or NO choice with regard to choosing – Anticlastic Raising classes they don’t exsist in NYC. There’s You and Brookfield CT, All Anticlastic Instructors are out of my state. STRANGELY tools from NC Black Co.’s are sold in the same exact place i take my classes at ALLCRAFT JEWELRY SUPPLY 135 29th Street 2nd Floor. my class is right next door. But Mrs. Bauer does not teach Anticlastic Raising.

Unfortunately as well my luck would have it. As i am enrolled in one class (silversmithing) already; i’m having major surgery in November big bummer. I pray sincerely the summer of 2011 TO BE ABLE TO ATTEND YOUR CLASS IF YOU COULD SEND A SCHEDULE I WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE IT. I WISH YOUR GOOD HEALTH IN THE COMING MONTHS.
IF You should be inclined to visit the NYC area Maybe at the E. 92ND St YMCA – Mr. Johnathan Wall Jewelry Art classes Director 212-415-5564 or anyplace in the NYC area doing a weekend class. Or if possible can you tell me what would I need to have in place to invite you to teach in NYC at Cecelia Bauer 212- 643-8913 if it were doable????

FINALLY: since i know you probably will be in Colorado for the forseeable future….
I would ask if you could suggest a hotel or place i can stay for the weekend while taking your classes?? or if you have ever had enrollees from different states bunk together???? Can you help or suggest appropriate accomodations where do you normally tell weekend students to lodge?

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