Do you Steampunk??

December 6, 2009

Here is my first attempt at anything Steampunk. I’m enamored with the whole concept of Steampunk. Check this piece out in my Etsy shop. What is Steampunk you say?? Well, in a nutshell :“Steampunk is a fashion, design, and popular-culture phenomenon that combines romance and technology. Among its many influences are futurism, time travel, and […]

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Check out Gemaliciousbeads giveaway!!

December 4, 2009
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“Contemporary Copper Jewelry” inspiration!

November 22, 2009

I just finished reading “Contemporary Copper Jewelry” by Sharilyn Miller and I couldn’t help but raid my copper stash!! Watch for my review of this book on BellaOnline this week. The pieces pictured here were inspired by Sharilyn’s book. I really enjoyed her book and came away with these jewelry ideas. These pieces will be […]

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Hidden Santa Slideshow

November 8, 2009
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Hidden Santa Treasure Hunt

November 7, 2009

Contest Update: eSMArts team is sharing the love with a handmade bundle to warm your holidays! Enter our Hidden Santa Treasure Hunt to WIN a Christmas Gift Bundle of unique handmade creations. The complete prize package, item photos and detailed descriptions will be announced on the Esmarts Blog shortly. Our contest begins November 14th so […]

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Special awards, A question to ponder and our Hidden Santa Event

November 3, 2009

  View Full Album Thank you Mary Anne!!   View Full Album What items of interest spark your desire to collect and create jewelry? I am an eclectic Aquarian…. let’s start right there!  I love the “odd and unusual”, but take comfort in the “tried and true”. My collection of jewelry and gemstones began with […]

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eSMArts Christmas Gift Bundle could be yours!!

October 23, 2009

eSMArts is spreading the love with a bundle of unique, handmade delights to warm your holiday! One lucky winner will receive a bagful of hand madeartisan items donated by members of eSMArts Team~! For details visit: and join in the fun~!

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Slide MyGemStoneBox

October 18, 2009
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Iolite Gemstone Earrings & A New Beading Project

October 13, 2009

Thank you to my dear friend Anna Lee for these wonderful iolite gemstones that look amazing wrapped in silver. The color blue is very much like periwinkle with flashes of violet. They sparkle and shine thanks to the exceptional faceting. Ancient mariners used iolite as a compass to guide their way to sea. They noted […]

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Artefact from the Staffordshire Hoard

October 3, 2009

Artefact from the Staffordshire HoardOriginally uploaded by Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery I have been following the story from Staffordshire very closely as it is completely fascinating! One of the largest caches of gold, silver and gemstone treasures is in the process of being unearthed For Terry Herbert, the unemployed metal-detecting enthusiast who made the […]

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