#BlogosphereThinkTank February’s topic: "What are the top 5 things on your mind?"

by Robyn Hawk on February 20, 2016


First thoughts...I think we are going to find that all five things will lead back to the number one thing...maybe you are a lot like me?  A hundred things to do but the first thing that gets done is the first thing in front of your face. I always tell people just remind me - I'm serious! ...but of course they think they'll bug me...so - I do the first thing I see!  

OK - now you know WAY too much about me!

1. Every thing thought or deed all have one common factor - they need someone to act!

2.        I need to bring in one more client - now to get the proposals out that I promised in Tucson!

3.        The results of my brainstorming with Brad and getting the thoughts accomplished - maybe I need to write a step by step to get me to write the step by step I promised him?

4.       My Bank!!!   ...you don't want to know!

5.        My boyfriend's upcoming surgery....this hip replacement is going to be an extremely long recovery....

*So what is this new “Blog-O-Sphere” thing?
I formed a group of friends who blog  [I’ve titled it the ” Blog-o-sphere think tank” Group.] ; from all different areas of life, to do a ‘once a month’ ‘blog circle’, or ‘blog carnival’ type thing, if you will. Anyway, we get together once a month, and all write about the same topic, and hopefully we all post at the same time, on the 20th of each month.  I personally find it interesting to read everyone’s thoughts on an idea or topic. It’s fun, light, and gets your mind going. Everyone has a different ideas; so you might learn something, or open your eyes to new ideas . In any case, it’s fun!!!  I hope you’ll visit all the blogs and have a read!

Please visit this month’s other group members:
WATTO (Mary Spenser Watson) http://www.wattoonline.com/news
Catherine Witherell:  http://happydayart.typepad.com
K.Skiles Studio: http://kaskiles.com
Tosca Teran: http://www.nanopod.me

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