BlueCap Productions Announces Release of "Pederneira: A Rainbow of Colors" DVD

by Robyn Hawk on July 15, 2016

BlueCap Productions Announces Release of 

“Pederneira: A Rainbow of Colors”  DVD

For the past year the number one most asked question that we’ve received at BlueCap Productions is, “when is the Pederneria video going to come out??”

As you may recall, the DVD was originally supposed to come out in the Jan/Feb 2015edition of the Mineralogical Record. That was the fantastic Pederneira! issue that sold out almost immediately. At the last minute we called to, “stop the presses” on the DVD as new things were happening down at the mine and we wanted to make sure the final film would be as accurate as possible.

Since then we’ve been doing more filming, more photography and more editing until, finally, we were able to put the finishing touches on the project last week. The film is now at the duplicators and the finished DVDs will be shipping out soon!!!

All subscribers to the Mineralogical Record have received the DVD, compliments of Fine Minerals International, in their May/June 2016 issue. Once those issues start hitting the streets, we’ll have the DVDs available for sale to all non-subscribers or subscribers wanting a second copy. In addition to this, when the DVDs go on sale, we’ll also have a Digital HD version of the movie available for immediate streaming and/or download (click this link for a preview).

BlueCap’s Bryan Swoboda said. “I can not express how happy I am that we’re finally able to share this film with everyone. We began working on this film almost 6 years ago and the final result is a film that, to me, is the greatest culmination of hard work, passion and story-telling that I’ve ever had to honor to work on at BlueCap.”

“I owe such a debt of gratitude to Daniel Trinchillo for giving me the opportunity to tell this story and for giving me unprecedented access to everything I needed to make this film possible.

I’m so very excited for this release and I hope all of you enjoy watching the film almost as much as I enjoyed making it.”

For a preview – click here:

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