#BlogosphereThinkTank April’s Topic: "Favorite Songs – and why?"

by Robyn Hawk on April 20, 2016

OK - this is truly difficult - to save you from list after list I think it might be easier to talk about my "Music Moods" and how they relate to my Playlists on Spotify:

1. In A Depeche Mode:  Almost anytime of day I could listen to ANYTHING from Depeche Mode definitely my favorite group - however within that broad category I think that the words in Somebody have something everyone can relate to.   Blasphemous Rumors works me through my more cynical moments.

Lyrics & Sample

2. A Little Mose In Your Ear:  Awesome Jazz - you have to be in the mood to listen to the words making this a PERFECT car karaoke playlist - my FAVE "Your Mind Is On Vacation"

Lyrics & Sample

3. For daily listening I tend to a mix of Blues, Jazz, Rock, with a little Rockabilly topper and my all time FAVs are the Blasters (I knew most of them from other groups) - a personal favorite is Flip Flop and Fly

Lyrics & Sample

4.  Working It Out:  Don't we all have a favorite workout playlist?  Mine is pretty eclectic - BOB by Outkast - One Step Beyond by Madness - Jai Ho from Slumdog Millionaire - Boom Boom Pow by Black Eye Peas...this stuff isn't really about the words - it's more about the beat....

Lyrics & Sample

5.  Guitar: It Makes Me Happy - I write for a living but complete silence is disturbing to me (I never claimed to be sane), my go to is jazz guitar - calm but not sleep inducing.  Some of my FAVs - Joe Pass - Django Reinhardt - Les Paul - and I never tire of Wes Montgomery 's Misty!

Lyrics & Sample

OK - I really only wanted to do 5 - BUT....this one's for the Girls...

6.  Angry Chick List - we all have those times when we need to let it out....Alanis Morrisette - PINK - Marianne Faithful - Miley Cyrus - come on....shout it out!   ....careful these can include some dicey lyrics.

Lyrics & Sample

*So what is this new “Blog-O-Sphere” thing?
Andes Kate formed a group of friends who blog  [titled the ” Blog-o-sphere think tank” Group.] ; "from all different areas of life, to do a ‘once a month’ ‘blog circle’, or ‘blog carnival’ type thing, if you will. Anyway, we get together once a month, and all write about the same topic, and hopefully we all post at the same time, on the 20th of each month.  I personally find it interesting to read everyone’s thoughts on an idea or topic. It’s fun, light, and gets your mind going. Everyone has a different ideas; so you might learn something, or open your eyes to new ideas . In any case, it’s fun!!!  I hope you’ll visit all the blogs and have a read!"

Please visit this month’s other group members:
WATTO (Mary Spenser Watson) http://www.wattoonline.com/news
Catherine Witherell:  http://happydayart.typepad.com
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