David Heston Designs: Bold and Masculine

by fortheloveofjewels on April 26, 2008

David Heston

During my trip to NYC a few months ago, I stopped by the Chelsea jewelry boutique, DVVS where co-owner, James Corry showed me several talented jewelry designers including the work of David Heston that they had recently started carrying. I like David’s work because it is bold and striking. One of his most unusual line uses black diamonds combined with black rubber cord that is particularly sophisticated, strong and masculine.
My style is best described as contemporary with bold clean lines. Sophisticated with an edge. I approach my work like an architect in respect to forms and space. Paying attention to negative and positive spatial relationships. I continually incorporate new mediums into my work. I actually used rubber cord in my designs over a decade ago.
Like so many other jewelry designers, David comes from a fine arts background, originally trained as a sculpture. In transitioning to jewelry design, he also earned a graduate gemology degree from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).
GIA provided me a solid understanding of gemology, how gems are formed and cut. I am able to grade diamonds and identify colored stones. I garnered a solid knowledge of the industry from GIA. I decided to pursue jewelry design because its a more lucrative medium. And I felt it was much easier to travel and show jewelry as opposed to large scale sculpture.
In his 18 years in business, David seems to have been particularly successfully marketing his work which has resulted in numerous celebrity clients including Eddie Murphy, John Lithgow, Janet Jackson, Diana Ross, Rene Russo, Cedric the Entertainer and Ken Griffey Jr.
I have had success meeting and marketing my designs to celebrities and stylists through a number of my retail outlets. My work is fashion-forward and this garners attention.
And his advice to fledgling designers?
Find and develop your true style and stick with it. Be true to your original style.

Aside from DVVS, David’s work can be found at Neiman Marcus, Bernie Robbins, Alvin Goldfarb and Topeo Gallery among others.
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