Change of Venue

by gingermeekallen on April 7, 2010

Change is not the only constant.

Love is constant.

Mohs hardness scale is constant.

And spring pollen in North Carolina is quite reliable, year after year.

But, it is true that change is indeed a constant. Ironic as that clever statement is, I find myself thinking about the flow of change as I am preparing to end my time in a cooperative studio, gallery and retail venue to move to a new location.  As I was considering the move, I weighed the pros and cons. I investigated costs and estimated benefits. And eventually, the momentum carried me as it became evident that this was to be my next phase.

It ’s a time of intense change for me, and with that comes both death and birth. It is the end of five years as a resident artist, working, serving and selling from a corner of a large venue with much to offer.  But it is also the beginning of a new freedom, in a larger space with an interesting history. I am looking forward to teaching again, and to working to create a fresh and dynamic arts venue.

Some in my field believe that a brick-and-mortar presence is no longer necessary for a successful business in the internet age. For many people, this is true. But, despite my true introverted nature, my work is fueled by my clients. It helps me to get to know them and learn pieces of their stories. These stories inform the work. Over the years I have developed ways to do this online and by phone as well for my distant clients. But, when possible, being able to share the same oxygen and shake hands with a client is important to me, and it also makes the work for my distant clients even better as well. I also believe in contributing services to my community, which is the main reason I do fine jewelry repair.

Lede Studio will be a dynamic venue offering a gallery for narrative art and artisan jewelry at its best, as well as metalsmithing classes, jewelry repair, and custom jewelry design and creation. The name honors the history of the space as a newspaper plant and my journalism background, as well as the power of narrative in art and fine craft.

This month I will celebrate the end of my five years as the resident metalsmith and jeweler at The Cotton Company in downtown Wake Forest with a retrospective show. I have loved my time there. It has provided me a structure for growth both business and personal. I am very grateful for this.

So, here’s to change! Cheers!

The aim of an artist is not to solve a question irrefutably, but to compel one to love life in all of its manifestations, and these are inexhaustible.

-Leo Tolstoy




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