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BLOG LAUNCHED: August 26, 2008

WRITTEN BY: Metalsmith & studio jeweler Ginger Meek Allen creating narrative pieces using silver, gold, copper, stones, paint, paper, found materials


  • The stories that come with every job – stories of birth and death, beginnings and conclusions, relationships, journeys – that are translated into jewelry. (The privacy of each client is protected by never revealing their identity online.)
  • The creative process itself – how do ideas become finished pieces?
  • Jewelry as a symbol of the things that matter most in our lives.

IDEAS FOR LATER: Additional posts exploring: jewelry making how-to, featured pieces by other metalsmiths, thoughts about the creative life, the intersection of art and faith.

EVEN MORE INFO: visit website: www.gingermeekallen.com




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Suzanne Ivester August 29, 2008 at 2:42 pm

As one of your Arrowmont classmates, I’ve gotta say getting to know you was one of the most inspiring aspects of the class for me. You’re so much more than a highly skilled artisan–your work seems to reflect your heart in a very special way. That’s what makes a true artist.

Congratulations on your blog! The story of Ruth’s Song really delves into that heart-mind-hands connection and gives us all something to aspire to!

Best of success,


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