My dream job, lost but not forgotten

by kevinpotter on April 21, 2009

Working by myself all day leaves me with alot of time to ponder the important things in life like where to go for lunch or are there any twintkies left or did I eat the last one this morning for breakfast. My customers think that I think deep thoughts, and sit and contemplate being creative. I try not to ruin their fantasy of me but the reality is I mostly just sit and stare at my machines as they cut out parts for the tools that I make. Today I was thinking about a  job that I had when I was younger, I was the envy of all including myself I couldnt believe I landed such a sweet gig. Most jobs kinda suck but not this one this was more than a job it had career potential I could visualize myself working there for decades just like some of my coworkers.  You know you are meant to do a job when everthing just clicks when you are instantly promoted to a semi supervisory role with in the first week. I was so good I got moved from changing light bulbs on the put put golf course and protecting the ducks to head mechanic of the go carts, the most prestigious job in the house. I had to fuel them up and keep them runnin a herculean task I might add. I was in a position of power. I didnt take my position lightly I knew that there was more to the job than getting all jacked up on mountain dew and cheesey pretzels and knapping in the boat shack. I was the decider kinda like someone else who was in a position of power, I decided who got to ride and for how long the only thing I didnt really have controll over was the hight rule the little red line that was used to exculde short people, deny them the chance to have fun, separate brothers from sisters fathers from sons mothers from daughters thats right an arbitrary line on the wall was all that I couldnt controll. How short is too short if he stands on his tippee toes he is tall enough, thats good enough for me let him ride. She is only 6 inches too short, that line is just a guide we have some wiggle room. Well you see were this is going right I took my power for granted I neglected my duties even though I didnt have to swear an oath or anything, but I was being trusted with the keys to the castles go carts. I would let all sorts of short kids ride heck I would even put them in the car just to make sure they couldnt reach the gas peddle let alone the brake. The brake this is where the story goes terribly wrong. I didnt get fired for giving my friends free rides or counterfieting employee benefit coupons (those were for your 50 game token allowance) or taking a gocart home instead of driving my car home, no I lost this great job because the kid couldnt reach the brake. I let this young kid ride all 30 inches of him give or take, it was going fine no problems until this elderly women decides she wants to ride the gocarts she gets in and prepares to start out when bam the little kid rear ends her. I didnt think it was too hard of a hit but she sure did because the ambulance and the paramedics put her on a back board. I will dispense with the details of the wailing and drama that ensued but to say that my career in the miniture golf bussiness had come to an end would be an understatement. I was immediatly terminated my shirt and hat were taken my badge was torn up and my golf privilidges were revoked and
I was escorted form the property. A law suite was filed and luckliy places like this are well insured, I mean you would have to be, letting young kids supervise go carts while chugging mountain dew and listening to 80’s heavy metal at ear splitting levels. I had to make a deposition and I think by me telling the whole truth it pretty much nailed the case or the coffin shut depending on how you look at it but to think that my actions were  responsible for awarding  that elderly woman 500,000 dollars, wow that is all I have to say about that.




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Anne Bellissimo April 28, 2009 at 8:09 am

That’s the pits. You obviously haven’t evolved to the point where you blame the elderly lady, the legal system, short legs or the stress and pressure of that lifestyle. Keep thinking, grasshopper…you’ll get there.

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