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The boss was always worried that the gold refiners were screwing him on his returns, so what is the best course of action for a paranoid lune to take, yep get a gold refining system and give the how to video to the apprentice and tell him to be ready to refine gold in the morning. I watched the video and they said it was real easy and that you would be saving a fortune in refining fees, yea right, they left out the parts about toxic gas clouds and acid burns. I managed to release a toxic cloude of greenish yellow gas that was so dense that it setteled to the floor.  The shop was evacuated I had blisters in my throat but the boss was not to be detered by a minor set back like this he redid the experiment himself and yep you guessed it a bigger gas clould that sent him to the hospital for a few days. We never were succesfull in refining gold but we did completely rust everything in the shop and rot the carpet right off the floor.

 I am usually holed up in the back of the shop listening NPR  the national public radio or as the owners of the store liked to call it radio moscow. but occasionaly they will drag out the jeweler so that I can help a customer. Sometimes it is pretty cool to come out and be the expert and save the day but usually at least at this one shop I worked at it was bad nothin good ever came about when I had to go out front.  Crack heads meth addicts and junkies that was my specialty, the sales girls were always afraid to deal with them so they would come and get me. There they are two skelotons in dirty white tank tops covered in big open sores and messed up prison tattoos. She wants to sell us something, I cant waite to see what it is oh the excitement the anticipation. She pulls out a coin purse from her pocket, she is shaking real bad and she is bleeding all over the counter because she has been shooting heroin under her fingernails. At this point I am thinking customer service be dammed this is bad for business the other customers are staring at these two puddin heads like they are from mars. I quickly wipe the blood from the counter with the shop towel that is tucked in my apron. At last she empties the contents of the coin purse on the counter, four pennies and some gum wrappers. She informs me that they are old because they have different backs on them, yep thats right wheat pennies she is selling us four wheat pennies. I break out  ten bucks and give it to her just to get them out of the store.

       This old couple would come in once a week and sell us a piece of silver flatwear, and me being new to this type of store having spent all my previous time in high end custom shops was unaware of why they would sell it one piece at a time, I told them that they should sell it all at once so we could have the whole set and give them more for it. They told me that we would eventualy get the whole set but that they needed the money to buy food every week. 

    My worst day being a jeweler

Being a goldsmith is a great job you make beautiful things that are cherished forever and are passed down from one generation to another. I like to think that some of the things that I have made will be around long enough to be treasured a hundred years from now. I love to make engagement rings for couples even when they are not of significant monetary value, perhaps those are my favorite because they will most likely never be taken apart. An elderly couple came in to the store and I was called to the front to assist in removing her engagement ring, tears were running down her cheeks , she told me it had never been off in 53 years. I assured her that I would size it up and do it while she watched so it would not be off of her finger for long, everything would be fine. The sales girl kicks me but I am only focusing on carefully removing this ring, the man starts to tell us how he bought the ring in France after WW2 and how he rode a bicycle around to differnt shops looking for a ring to buy his girl back home. He tells us how he saved his GI bonus and how he couldnt waite to give it to her upon his return. I get kicked agin but I am enjoying the storey I can almost picture him riding around. Finally I get the ring off I ask her if she wants to watch as I size it, the other sales girl hands the couple 200 dollars, he takes his wifes hand and walks out the door leaving the ring with us.




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