No Heavy Metal Work….

by laurie jane kern on September 17, 2011

I was back at the cardiologist on Tuesday morning.  This was a follow up to see how the BP medication was working. It has helped some but not quite enough as my diastolic readings are still high and the pains and palpitations have not abated.

As are result the Doctor has put me on a calcium channel blocker. It will do two things, lower my bp a bit more  and hopefully reduce the pains the palpitations.   If the channel blocker doesn’t seem to help in two weeks I am to up the dose.   I am also supposed to continue monitoring my BP and write down when I have events.
My next follow up is 2 months unless things do not get better and at that time she would consider a long term heart monitor and possibly an angio as it would be the last test to do.

Oh, and in the mean time, I should also see my GP and have myself checked for esophageal problems. I guess some people have bad heart burn, spasms, etc… and it can appear to the person as palpitations and pains. And we need to rule that out just to be thorough

BUT the Doctor is not denying that I have a heart issue as there is my high blood pressure and the traces from the EKG do show something going on.

So I started the CB Wednesday and I have been even more tired for the past few days. I think my body has adjusted to the meds because I was not as tired when I woke up this morning.

All of this means still taking it easy, lots of sleep and no banging on metal for a while longer.

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