Crustacean Creation

by Jennifer Robinson on October 25, 2012

This ring is a perfect fit for the mariner, elegantly showcasing the love and talent needed for crab fishing. The custom designed crab sits atop its elegant pedestal on a simple, smooth band. Every detail, right down to the eyes, is clearly distinguished in this meticulously designed piece.

Finished with a mix of textured and polished gold, the ring draws attention and compliments while adorning the finger of its owner. A truly elegant representation of a symbol of the sea, this crustacean is a testament to Raims’ design and machining talent.

The wax model for this remarkable custom design was milled all in one piece on the MIRAcle 5-axis mill. It allowed Raims to undercut below the legs and claws, making the ring a true 3D sculpture of a crab. The capabilities of the 5-axis MIRA and its high precision combined to make this special ring come alive.

Jennifer Robinson
I work for NSCNC Manufacturing, we make a new generation of CNC mills just for the jewelry industry. Our goal is to give jewelers the best tools to create their best work. Our mills are made to last, and to enable jewelers to bring any design to life.
Jennifer Robinson

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