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by paysoncooper on November 15, 2008

Yesterday I talked about why I started using 3D Digital Modeling and Design in my business, today I’ll say a little bit more about what I like about it, and specifically about Rhino3D.

While most software has it’s limitations (often times found between the monitor and the chair…just kidding…sort of), Rhino3D is an incredibly flexible, easy to use and fluid software. It allows the user to design in a 3D world, view all aspects of the design following very strict guidelines, or inviting more free-form work. As with any new software, Rhino3D is not ‘hard’ to learn – it just takes time, patience and persistence. When I took my first class a few years ago I avoided doing the homework and barely kept up for the first few weeks. There was an event at which I wanted to launch the Transformational Jewelry Collection and I knew if I didn’t step it up I would either have to pay someone else with the expertise, or figure it out myself. Sitting down at my desk on a Sunday afternoon I spent about 12 hours catching up (wouldn’t have had to if I didn’t avoid it for so long…and I was taking the class for a grade at FIT). It felt like the beginning of a roller coaster – where there is that huge, long pulling up-hill to start the first big descent. It was a valuable lesson for me, one that I’ve been able to apply to learning other things since then, as I know it’s part of how I learn.

I tripled up on classes that semester, taking an evening course with one of the best Rhino3D Teachers (for jewelry design anyway, and in my opinion) in the North East – Dana Buscaglia. I also took a 4 day intensive with an instructor from McNeel and practiced at home, sending many models to be printed and finding out after paying the bill that they would not work. (Making models is a learning process, if you can find the right teacher/tutor you can get some help and avoid some of the more common mistakes.)

Within a few months I launched the Transformational Jewelry line, which was almost exclusively designed using 3D Digital Modeling. And, over the course of the next year to two years I have begun working with many clients, updating and creating whole lines for companies as well as making individual jewelry pieces, like this two part intertwining snake ring, for custom clients.

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