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by paysoncooper on November 16, 2008

As I stated a few days back, I went from lost student using Rhino3D to assistant teacher at the FIT Enterprise Center Rhino I, Rhino II and Rhino III courses (taught by Dana Buscaglia). I love assisting in the classes as I have the chance to meet new people in the industry, help people learn (teaching/tutoring is one of my favorite things to do), and learn from Dana, the primary teacher, every week. And I do too, every single week Dana shares a little tidbit of information I might never have figured out on my own, and in several instances I remember her saying the same thing in one of my previous classes with her (I also took her semester long course at FIT prior to becoming the evening assistant), but I wasn’t in a position to begin incorporating it into my daily use. Now, each and every week, I’ll make a note to myself and the next morning experiment with using it in my own Rhino3D work.

If 3D Digital Design and Modeling interest you, then I definitely suggest you consider taking a couse, either thought McNeel or a local facility that teaches Rhino3D. If you are not particularly computer savvy, or know it’s not something you want to learn, but want to take advantage of this powerful tool, you can contact a consultant (someone like me) to help move your designs from paper into model production. You can also study on your own using the Rhino study guide and some other books – a specialized Rhino3D for Jewelry Design book will be available soon.




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