Keum Boo and Metal with Jenny Reeves. April 18-19, 2015

by Revere Academy on November 26, 2014

$499 + $185 kit

Keum Boo (“attached gold”) is a beautiful ancient Korean technique for bonding gold foil to silver and other metals. Only recently brought to the US, this amazing technique can bring life, drama, richness and limitless design possibilities to your jewelry and add brilliant gold accents with minimal cost. Learn to bond thin sheets of pure gold, 24K, to sterling silver and Argentium® silver. Design and create a pair of silver earrings and a silver pendant adorned with rich Keum Boo gold.  Instruction includes roller embossing, roller printing, creating a relief, subtractive texturing techniques and also resists that can be combined with Keum Boo for dramatic effect. Prerequisite: Fabrication 2 or experience.


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