Japanese Chasing, Engraving & Inlay with Naohiro Yamada. April 20-24, 2015

by Revere Academy on November 26, 2014

$1249 + kit

Take this rare opportunity to learn traditional Japanese techniques from a Japanese master goldsmith, as you create a three-dimensional pin in the form of an insect. Master Yamada will show you how to move metal like clay, using Japanese chasing techniques to form it into a nearly spherical shape. Learn to modify and use traditional Japanese punches. Instruction includes soldering, traditional Japanese polishing methods and the intricacies of applying and sealing traditional Japanese patinas. Discussion includes the historical and cultural importance of these Japanese metalworking techniques. Tagane (punches) and other Japanese tools are part of the materials kit. Students use specialized Japanese alloys – shibuishi and shakudo – as well as copper, gold and silver. Prerequisite: Fabrication 1 or experience.
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