Campitos Turquoise is a good choice for Blue Turquoise

by rincontrading on November 13, 2015

Campitos Turquoise

Highly valued since ancient times, turquoise continues to be prized by rock collectors, jewelers, and jewelry enthusiasts alike for its unique beauty. A compound of hydrated copper aluminum phosphate, turquoise contains varying proportions of copper, iron, nickel, and other minerals. These differences in composition is what accounts for the widely varying colors, shades, and qualities of turquoise.
There are many different types of turquoise. When choosing turquoise jewelry or rough turquoise for collecting or jewelry crafting, it’s important to understand the differences in the many varieties of turquoise available, so that you can ensure you’re getting the color and quality you desire.
Mexican and American turquoise tends to have a clear light to medium blue color, deeply prized for its beauty and clarity. Mexican turquoise pairs beautifully with silver making it a popular choice for rings, necklace pendants.
There are several turquoise deposits throughout Mexico, some of which have been mined since ancient times. One location is Campitos Mountain outside of Cananea, Sonora, Mexico. The Campitos mine has been in production since the 1980s. The beautiful Campitos turquoise produced here is famous around the world, know for its brilliant, very blue color. The color of some Campitos turquoise is often compared to the shade of Sleeping Beauty’s soft yet intense blue. Campitos turquoise can range in shades of light or medium blue to a vibrant blue-green. Turquoise from the mine often contains traces of pyrite, which gives Campitos turquoise an extra luster and sparkle. The mines also occasionally turns up specimens of Spiderweb turquoise, a turquoise that has a rich blue color overlaid by a dark brown or black pattern of thin, delicate lines that resemble a spider’s web. Turquoise can have a matrix of brown or black. Spiderweb varieties of turquoise produced at the Campitos Mountain mines adds depth, elegance, interest, and appeal to an already beautiful stone. Some turquoise from Campitos Mountain has pyrite in the turquoise.
Campitos turquoise stands out from other varieties of turquoise also in the unique way that it is mined. Most turquoise is sourced from rock veins, where it is found deeply embedded in the mother stone,some Campitos turquoise, however, is found within deposits of clay, where it develops into free-form, uniquely shaped nuggets.
Natural turquoise, is unaltered by any chemical processes and is not dyed. Stabilized turquoise is turquoise that has been treated in a way that increases its durability and protects its color. Whether stabilized or natural, Campitos turquoise is a smart choice if you’re looking for quality, artistry, uniqueness, beauty, and value.
When you’re choosing turquoise jewelry or turquoise for crafting, what matters most is whether or not the stone appeals to you. Do you like the coloring? Is the matrix attractive? With a turquoise such as the Campitos turquoise, you know you’re getting turquoise, straight from the earth and containing all the power, strength, and beauty found therein. If you’re in the market for turquoise, what you pay for is what you get, and you deserve to at least get what you pay for—actual turquoise If you’re looking for a very blue turquoise at a good value that has vibrancy, clarity, Campitos turquoise from Campitos Mountain in Sonora, Mexico is a great choice.


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